Suzanne Booth

Suzanne Booth

(GB) Vocals/Guitar

What a woman and what a singer! Suzanne has a voice Pure natural talent(and a character!) that should make her famous, and never fails to astound everyone who hears her sing. Whether its a slow folk ballad or a raunchy blues, Suzanne has a gobsmacking range of tone, emotion and raw power that often results in goose pimples for the listener. It comes from pure natural talent and is so original that no amount of vocal training could ever reproduce Suzannes earthy, sensual sound.

Suzanne was born in 1964 in Mansfield Nottinghamshire, (“Ay up ducks”) to a background of coal mining and greyund racing. Her early musical inspirations came from her family. Grandad, although no crooner himself, was a fan of Al Jolson, her father would sing Johnny Cash and Elvis songs around the house, her motherBlame mother for the pigtails couldn’t sing for toffee but played the piano rather well. At the age of 6 Suzanne started rattling the ivory herself,  taking formal lessons in which she eventually reached grade 7. Her piano tutor, Mrs Timmons, also liked to listen to young Suzanne sing. The old films and musicals from the 1920s to the 1960s were a big influence for Suzanne, the songs  were osmotically absorbed and Suzanne would effortlessly sing them all. Mario Lanza and Barbara Streisand were particular favourites. Her talent didn’t go unnoticed and she was recruited for the school choir, which toured the country performing in choir competitions. Highlights included Latin hits such as ‘Ave Maria’ and ‘Panus Angelicus’, and a trio number called ‘Three little maids from school’.

Her parents were big fans of Country and Western music, and everyCoalminers daughter year would gallop off to Pontins for Country and Western week, trailing young Suzanne and younger brother Gary along with the the posse. This was seen as totally uncool for a teenager in the late 70’s (unless it was the Wild West in the 1870’s!). Although she stubbornly snubbed the stetson and spurs, Suzanne quite liked some of the music, especially songs like ‘coalminers daughter’ (she was one!), and the bluesier side of C&W. Suzanne and Gary, like any normal teenagers, were into the pop music of the 80’s and could sing the top 20 backwards. Bands such as ‘Blondie’, ‘The Eurythmics’, and ‘Adam and his Ants’ were favourites in the Mansfield clubs and discos’ where you daren’t mention Country & Western!…………. Folk music was unheard of!!

In 1982 Suzanne left school and home to study the male dominated art of Technical Illustration at Blackpool College on a four year HND course. The ‘Hard mans’ town of Mansfield had taught Suzanne to be fiercely independant, and she could draw bevelled gearwheels with the best of them. To supplement her meagre college grant and to pay the rent, she took a job in ‘Johns’ fish & chip shop’ (where it’s rumoured that old ladies were made to eat battered sausages seductively to earn an extra portion of batter bits). Very Blackpool! Besides the popBehind unexpected doors music of the day, Suzannes eccentric musical tastes extended into the realm of the blues, major influences being female singers such as Billie Holiday and Judy Garland (post Wizard of Oz!). Folk music had always been seen as ‘naff’ and ‘wimpy’ in Suzannes’ book, but the folk singer Sandy Denny opened unexpected doors.

After sucessfully gaining her HND, Suzanne became a professional Technical Illustrator, taking an apprenticeship with Rolls Royce for a few months before a report came from college mates that there was Illustrating-a-plenty to do across the channel and over the Rhine, so with her rotring pens, ellipse-templates and a sense of adventure, off she went, starting out in the little town of Salgau, moving eastwards to Augsburg, and finally landing in München, and here she is!

Suzanne teamed up with Paul through the EnglishA large bacardi and coke please T.I. scene in Munich, sharing an interest in eccentric musical tastes and sechskantschrauben. She is THE knowledge on films old and new, classic English comedy and ‘Eastenders’ (?), an expert on fish & chips, Bacardi and Coke, medieval English history, and any game she decides to have a go at, and quite a talent in general crafts to boot. Besides the Biscuits, Suzanne has sung with The Huckleberry 5, Paddy Whack and rock band Tuesday Bluesday. She still works as a freelance Technical Illustrator, but would gladly give it up for fame and fortune, however her bevelled gears are the best you’ll find this side of the alps!

By the way, Suzanne is now the proud mother of twins! See News page…