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Return of The Original Huckleberry 5

Way back in the 1990’s we played in a bluegrass formation together with the legendary Munich 5 string banjo player Rüdiger Helbig  as – ‘The Huckleberry 5‘.


The Huckleberry 5


This October we will be reforming the original H5 line up – Paul, Suzanne, Jim, Klaus & Rüdiger, for a number of gigs.

See BBB Gigs for dates & details.

Dave Bell

18.09.1951 – 27.01.2008

Our great friend & Partner in crime Dave Bell has sadly passed away. He had been struggling with diabetes and died of heart failure in his appartment in Munich at the end of January.

Dave was a much loved character in the Munich folk music scene, and his exuberant personality, boundless enthusiasm & infectious laughter as well as his superb all round musical talents will be seriously missed & absolutely irreplaceable!



Dave Bell

Daves funeral took place in Munich on Wednesday 6th February. Although at very short notice, there was a huge turnout. A wake & tribute session followed – in the style he would have wanted!

He will always live on in our fond memories of him. The world will never be the same without him.

Cheers Dave & Thanks for all the good times!

Here are some photos of Dave kindly sent by Aisling Lillis (Click to enlarge) Thanks Aisling.


Do we have to SPELL IT OUT!? It’s BISCUIT as in B-I-S-C-U-I-T not Bisquit or Buiscuit or Biskit or Buskit or Byskquit or anything else but BISCUIT …..OK? If there really was a band called The Boring Buskit Band then there’d be some real confusion now wouldn’t there!?! Seems we’re not alone with this problem – The band Hot Cookies were recently listed in a Munich what’s on magazine as The “Hot Cockies”…… Nice to see somebody else getting the German spelling treatment!

Mind how you dunk…

The popular tea-time biscuits “Hobbits” have been available in the posher shops and supermarkets in Munich for some time now, and in our opinion are a passable substitution for Hobnobs, but how many of  you are aware that these not-so-cheap imitations are actually a Dunking Hazard? More info and advice on our “Dunking” page hidden in the Crumbs section of this website. If you still insist on dangerously dunking your Hobbit, we would suggest you go for the chocolate ones as the chocolate layer holds the biscuit together for a wee bit longer. We recommend you dunk no longer than 1.7 seconds. unless you dunk in ice-tea. (Yuk!)

The Plight of the Bumblebee

The humble bumblebee may soon be facing extinction due to the cruelty, disregard and decreasingly bad eating habits of the human race!

We’d like to ask YOU to join us in protest against the cruel and barbaric baking of bees and help STOP this madness!

The poor bumblebees are bred in small hives where they are cooped up in numbers of 200 or more at a time! They are fattened up on pollen and steroids before being stunned by an aerosol spray and spread out on a baking tray and baked in an oven at 200° Celsius (gas mark 6) for approximately 30 minutes. Some bees are still alive and suffer horribly before they are plucked & shaved and finally drowned in tomato sauce and tinned for human consumption.

Help us to raise awareness of the plight of the bumblebee by printing out and wearing our free cut out and keep ‘Free the Bees’ badge. Thankyou.

Proof of the pudding…..

The discovery of a few rusty old tins of custard gas at an illegal bun factory recently unearthed in Iraq by US cake and bun inspectors, has been hailed by the American government as “undeniable proof of the pudding!” The whereabouts of Soddom Pisstain remains a mystery. However, officials close to the Hexagon sauce, claim that his moustache has been found near the Syrian border, in the viscinity of Pontins POW camp, where local astrologers have suggested he was smuggled out of the country by a band of nomadic renegade gherkins, and is currently a newsreader in Norway………..

Back to Biscuits….

One of the BBB’s highlights from 2003 was our concert in the famed “Schusterhäusl” München-Germering, organized by Cobblers Irish Pub. With 110 ticket reservations, it turned out a full house! A BIG DANKE! to everyone who turned up. The concert was also enthusiastically received by the local press and Willi Rodrian of Radio Lora 92,5s’ “Folkfenster”  has reviewed the evenings performance complete with photos at this address: So please take a look. It’s in Deutsch of course! (Some of our non-English speaking ‘fans’ask why don’t we translate this ‘ere website into Deutsch?…….er…..good question…..If there’s a volunteer out there then please step forward). Until then, the above address is a good place to start if you’re looking for info about us in German.,

The Burning Biscuit Band, Mere MorselsWith all the depressing events and headlines in the world news, we’re proud to say that we have a job dedicated to making people happy! (Well, that’s the aim of it!) Which we feel we accomplish with a high rate of success, OK! we’re sorry to that bloke in the pub the other night who requested “Country Roads”….. but Paul says he had a sore throat and Suzanne said she didn’t know the ‘middle bit’!?  You can enhance your happiness (and ours) by buying our Fab CD “Mere Morsels” available at our gigs or by writing to us and begging for one.